Monday, 3 October 2011

The Smell of Success

Content Warning!

The Smell of Success - A Tale of Lepari (mp3)

When I originally had the idea for this podcast, one of my first concerns was how to find suitable music to bookend the pieces. Given the setting and my influences, I decided to try to track down some accordion music - despite being slightly anachronistic to my time period, the instrument exemplified the tone and feel I wanted for these stories - and trawled the mighty internet in search of something which caught my ear.

On Youtube I found endless renditions of the same two or three songs, which I'd heard were supposed to be beautiful, but there was something missing; no soul, no heart, just the notes being played one after another. I doubted I'd ever find what I was looking for. And then I encountered Wolfgang Thobae. There was so much more warmth to his playing, such emotion, that I knew I'd found what I was after.

Wolfgang was kind enough to let me use his music for this podcast, so if you've been enjoying it so far, please stop over at his Youtube channel - where he's got a far-wider variety than I've been using here - and let him know!

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